About Us

Bangalore International Group of Institutions is focused on creating a generation of confident youth through holistic education, who would be ever ready to face the challenges of the world. By providing them the right exposure, value-based education and a learning-by-doing approach; we try to instil the most important values like honesty, trust, tolerance and above all compassion for each other; thereby aiming to create better human beings who would become an asset to this society. And we believe education is the right enabler to achieve all of this.

Our Vision

  • Bangalore International Academy, Whitefield aims to inspire and empower children to excel academically and socially.
  • Fostering students into respectful and compassionate citizens in our culturally diverse community is a prime vision at BIGI.
  • We strive to raise holistic, global leaders of principle and value.
  • BIA is an Institution of student friendly, student oriented and student centered nature.

Our Mission

  • BIGI stands dedicated in its vision to educate students in body, mind and spirit whilst providing an enriching learning experience.
  • The school aims to value and recognize every child’s distinctive aptidude and the unique talent they’re gifted with.
  • Our mission at BIGI is to provide a secure, challenging and inspiring environment to equip students with critical skills that promote their social, emotional, intellectual and physical growth needs.
  • We aim to ensure excellence in teaching and learning which further influences children to become indpendent thinkers and learners for life.
  • BIGI forges ahead in its endeavour to built a community of youth rich in the core values and morals they have imbibed in school.